Monday, 8 October 2012

Market Madness

Bonjour! Some of you guys might be annoyed for me to say that all the time. I know I haven't posted any material in about 2 weeks. Might even lost readers already, haha. Well I was very VERY busy, opening booths mostly while trying to juggle classes and assignments at the same time. Now ,I knew what I signed up for when I first started selling my works. I was going to take commitment and a hell lot of energy! I din't know it was going to be this tiring , plus my room is under renovation which makes it merrier . I rarely get proper sleep since the contractors basically come at 8 am everyday knocking and drilling in my ears. But going through all that hassle made it all worth it meeting you guys , having such amazing positive feedback's and awesome people I get to meet! I love opening booths, it's a little cult  of interesting people trying to share what they love to the world. I been lucky enough to open it in a lot  of places and I don't plan to stop. Honey, I'm in for the long run , and you're support means the world to me!.

So I might not be posting until the constructions are finished but I recently opened an instagram account
@harisrashid if you made to see me on a daily basis posting works and random delights.

Intragram photos


                                                            Read on my latest interview here!

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