Friday, 24 August 2012

Enchanted Eid

Salam , I'm finally back home from my trip to my hometown to celebrate Raya. It was really awesome, it was one of those rare years where everyone is on holiday and we have the biggest reunion with a LOT of catching up to do. A lot happened , seriously!  It was so tiring  helping around with cooking and cleaning and carrying heavy stuff since I'm one of the only few guy's around, so it's the obvious target to boss around. The morning of Raya I even took my camera to the mosque to get some documentary done, had a blast with my cousins , we went to the arcade then movies. Then we ended in with a little vacation at Taiping with my cousins. Taiping being the wettest place in Malaysia , gave me a horrible flu that I had to struggle tissue's with. But it din't stop me from having an adventure with my cuz stepping and climbing through stones along the semi-wild river. The next day we went to a hill that you had to hike your way to the top(witch was to far and impossible) but I was all dolled up for relaxing trips not a Hike! seriously mum! While my parents march forward to the hill me and my sisters pacing ourselves at the back gasping for air , complaining all the way. I knew I had a bad feeling about this, bare in mind that I was holding my DSLR camera , my sis bought her fair share of electronics too. The forest started to became dark, so i thought it was getting late but no It was about to rain. So we walked ourselves down quickly then it started to rain . So we started to run, then the rain went crazy on us , thunder and everything !! and I'm like , this is not happening! We were running our asses down , which took forever and were SOAKING wet!!! My camera cannot be saved there was no way of hiding it to shelter it. hahaha . Nice one MUM!. So yeah, went back to our rented house wet as hell , drying of the damage. then  I fell sick! What a trip, definitely not forgettable one.

I hope you guys had a good raya!
Till next time!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

DIY necklace

Hello there, when I got a free canvas from a friend awhile ago it came along with some wooden triangular things that always baffles me when I get them with my canvas, I have no idea what they're for. I've tried everything I could with it on the canvas and nothing makes sense . Then I thought i'll just make a necklace out of it. Glued the pieces together to form a big trapezium shape then I searched for magazine images like mountains then I just paste it on , then Viola! An awesome looking necklace. And there's a video of me vlogging through raya shopping at Kuala Lumpur. Enjoy some other random pictures and I'll see you guys after Raya I think I don't know if  I could have time post something on Raya back at my hometown. Have a safe trip "balik kampung" seriously, and Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri!

Now here's the video !


the video was taken my sis's lomo digital camera , it's really small and convenient
It's really fun to play around. I was thinking of making some sort of documentary during Raya
at my hometown where I take snippets of Raya prayer , the people and stuff! What do you guys think?

P.S. I swear my face is not that oily , it's the lomo setting!

Here's some pictures taken with the camera.

That's all for now! 

Friday, 10 August 2012

Eat , Pray and Draw

Hello Again, I did all my explaining in the last post so go ahead and read it there. So here are some pictures of food . My new Artwork! , my trip to art museum with my dad, etc. Enjoy, i'll be posting my new DIY necklaces soon so stay tuned.I finally got my Victate book all away for UK, so awesome they even perfumed it, such bliss!. I've 99 followers, who's gonna be the lucky 100th I may just throw something for you!

That's all for now,