Friday, 27 April 2012


Bonjour! Hello there, how was your weekend . Well I had one hectic week, producing, running around making sure my products are perfect for my booth this Sunday at Publika . Is it just me or the weather's these days are confusing and quite annoying, decide already weather!. So let's cut to the chase, I've just finished all my products that i'll be selling, they consist of original artworks, prints, t-shirts, bookmarks and badges. I was soo excited with it so I decided to do a photo shoot with sis. Boy was it fun! enjoy.
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The above is the map to the Fuyoh Art Bazaar,
Please do come! I'll be selling all of these and more
at the bazaar!
Till next time

Thursday, 19 April 2012

New works!

Bonjour! Hello , how's everyone? Well I have some exciting news! For the first time I'm going to finally open a booth... Yes, I'll selling my stuff! I'll be opening a booth at Fuyoh Art Bazaar,MAP, Publika. So I've been busy producing works. I'll be selling some of my original artworks , prints, badges, bookmarks, painted bags and t-shirts. If you're free please drop by and say hey. I wanna meet you guys!
So here are some works I finished. More to come , ill update the stuff as I go along.

"Nautical Spring" by Haris Rashid

The process of course as per usual.

A paper thingy I did. I don't know what to do with it yet.

Acrylic on canvas
This boots will keep on walking.
bye now

Monday, 16 April 2012


Hello there, I'm not dead , well I felt like it last week. but it's all gone now blew by the wind.
I am finally free, let's take a moment to celebrate shall we! YEEESSSSH!!! haha. Okay. I'm officially back to blog frequently till your tired of me!. This semester was honestly , eeh...  I don't know I'm just not feeling it but I get to paint digitally more now. Yet I'm still a traditionalist at heart. I just need a few days of pure nothingness just being a potato couch drift off like a log then I'm good to go on making insane amount of DIY, artworks and projects. Seriously be prepared! In the mean time enjoy pictures of my outings, owh! I finally got around to going publika, friends say it has awesome art scenes. and it is awesome. Why din't I know the place earlier , such a inspiring place where art (my kind ) are really appreciated !

And here are some assignments throughout this semester...

yeah, there all digital paintings... owh and I was thinking of making a silk screen print. I was really
inspired by Shepard Fairey designs so I did this.

and I wanted to share some inspiration I found of this artist that makes these insanely beautiful animal
sculptures with wood panels! AJ Fosik

Okay then, I hope you aren't too dizzy by the gif''s
Let me know if you want me to do a DIY you want.
I'm gonna waste the rest of my day now!

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Khalis's Birthday Surprise

Hello there, you guys din't think you would here from me so soon eh? Well it's for a special occasion, it's Khalis birthday. A very good friend of mine. So here are just shoots from the day.
 The birthday girls Khalis & Marrisa

 the neon colored necklace I made for her
 the birthday girl

So yeah , Happy Birthday Guys!
I had a fun day surprising her.
Till next time