Saturday, 29 December 2012

Simple Lettering DIY

Well hello there, new years are closing. Are you guys excited? Me not really. I usually do resolutions for new years, as for a couple of years I haven't. Well I think people do it just to make themselves fell better, mistakes are always going to happen if you like it or not. I say embrace it, just live the moment. You might fall a couple of times but  good will overcome it. So I'm saying "HELLO" to the new year! I'm all buckled up for the adventure. So I made this DIY hehe, I needed something on my black wall. I did this simple lettering with ice-cream sticks that I wanted to share with you guys. You can make any words you like, you get the picture.

What you need.....

Then arrange your ice-cream sticks to the wording of your choice and cut the excess.

then stick the pieces together with hot glue gun and place all the letters of the cardboard strip.
Paint the cardboard to match your wall color(mine's black) . Then you tie it with thread and you're done.
See simple!

and here's something extra. I did this painting of a Hogwarts crest for a friend (her birthday). I even made an Hogwarts acceptance letter to the school of Wizardy , LOL. And decorated the wrapping paper myself.

I think it's awesome so I wanted to share it with you guys.

for those who are in Malaysia,
i'll be opening my last booth of the year,
tomorrow ,so do come. I'll be selling my paintings!
for more information you can go to my facebook page


Saturday, 22 December 2012


Bonjour! How is everyone, I guess everyone's fine since Doomsday din't happen. Let us continue with our lives shall we. But I won't lie that it startled me a little. I've just recently finished a big piece, it took longer that I expected. I procrastinated  a lot. I think it's one of my biggest pieces, just wanted to make something abstract. I thought of the concept that If you read a book, that'll it take you places. Imagining yourselves in the story realms. I wanted to capture those moments, the painting is made with gauche , acrylic and color pencils on wood panel. It's nice to draw on wood once in awhile , but I'm still paper type of guy. I hope you guys enjoy a little insight as to how I work. I drink a lot of hot chocolate while I paint, and  I just watched this movie called Moonrise Kingdom( explains the inspiration for the title) and it was balling amazing. I just love awkward weird but beautifully designed movies. I highly recommend it to weirdost just like me out there. or is it just me?

I have some diy projects up my sleeve so watch out!


Tuesday, 18 December 2012


Hello there! I went on a trip last 2 days , explaining my absence here. A much needed break from all the hastiness of college. Me and my colleges stayed at Khalis's place by the sea at penang. (fyi Khalis told me that someone recognized her from my blog, LOL) . So the main reason going there was actually to go  for a talk held by my college by this talented korean artist Kim Jung Gi. Personally I was to lazy to go , I really wanted to explore Penang and those famous street art by Ernest Zacharevic. So I did just that.We basically ate a LOT , saw many artistic stores and  one antique store that blew my mind. Wanted to buy an antique , but who I was kiding (I'm poor). Didn't really buy anything just hanged around with my friends , it was awesome. Khalis's mum house / studio was amazing she had all the art materials I ever wanted , so I couldn't resist myself so I made a random watercolor piece there. Enjoy!

That's all for now, peace!
I have a painting coming up 
so stay tuned!


Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Wish List

Bonjour, it's the last week of college, and there's a few gaps in between classes. I can't wait till it's break, so many things to do. There's a couple of booths in store for you guys so watch out. In the mean time, it's been quite some time since I bought anything for moi. So I'm building myself a wish list of things , I'd probably won't get them but it's good to dream! and also things that is inspiring to me right now.


Omg fat Amy xD