Saturday, 27 August 2011

The Transcendental Gentleman

 This may be long overdue but it was worth it, I needed time to make just the way I wanted it to be.
I made a couple sets of artworks that I just pill up in a corner. So this the main one, the biggest one-it's
just like the one I did last semester's break. But I decided to do it on cardboard material which I did
once a time ago which I looove, I think I'm stuck with this medium !So for this I was really inspired by William Morris prints and Aztec patterns that I do love so much(and a lot of tumblr pics of course.). and since I mostly draw girls, I wanna draw more guys now. Colours are my best friend that I assume you figured it out by now but I din't want to go overboard , so I made it slightly muted. 

" This is where all the fun are".
Gauche and Colour Pencil on Cardboard Paper.

Mixed Media on Art-block.

For these guys I really don't know what to name them , any ideas?
I'm trying to mix the perfect gentlemen(English of course) with tribal and little
of mayhem to give a mixed rugged look. I do have one more artwork that I'm
really am excited about but I say anything yet till I get her approval!.
Au Revoir!

Thursday, 18 August 2011

I just died.

A collaboration between Robert Verdi who ask Van's to come up with
designs based on his favorite vintage Hermes scarfs!
Oh my god are you kidding me , I want those shoes or else!!!
I like this one especially . So this is my plan, realistically I can never get these cause 
i'm poor-so I'm going to buy cheapest blank shoes and paint it myself.
Victorian V Border

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

flopsy,mopsy,cotton-tail and peter.

   My head ache's like crazy, maybe excessive sleeping is not good, but whatever.Both of my sis are at home today, and I taught that maybe well do something fun.. I should have known better, instead were still at home slouching on the couches and some on floors like dead corpses  and I'm here trying to salvage my day..I'm not the cam whore type but in rare occasion's like this -what the heck!.  

My latest addition to my necklaces, it still in construction just trying
to figure how to make it stick at the place I want, so until then a full tutorial on it
will be later.I made some rings and pins/brooches too.

There's 2 things in my room that's keeps me occupied, it's my book
and this artwork which I purposely take my time with as if I were to solve a puzzle, cause
they're my last resort to boredom, unfortunately I finished reading  the book yesterday and I
don't  have the sequel in hand so this artwork is my last thing to do before I die.

              My side table , you can see there's a new artwork. 
LOL! that's the only cam whore that approve posting here.The main reason is

cause my hair is getting long yet again. The question is should I get a haircut?
Au revoir!
Haris Rashid.

Monday, 15 August 2011

I'm trying to forget the world.

 Well, really it's very common with , if you know me long enough  then you'll that I go emo and distant at times( probably a lot)and the surround myself with pointless choirs-slowly building a wall and my whole imaginary world around me. It's when I try not connect with my friends and college or anything anything that requires me to greet people. I want of those people that rather stay at than going through a  over crowded mall or even when I see a friend from a distant and try and willing to walk the long way just not to bum into them.I'm weird that way.So some portray me as stuck up and "kerek" but  I don't  care. Owh well , life's goes on I really don't what to post here , since I neglected facebook , lookbook and other social networking I might just updat something here.Here are some pictures I took from tumblr, my dearest friend.


i only see the world thru my ray-bans, that’s why my view can be compared to a space man’s

chocolate keyboard.

Okay I'm done , I'm gonna go dance around in my make believe land and have some supper with elves .

Sunday, 7 August 2011


 I am bored as hell , don't feel like doing much so might as well post some random picture I took for the past weeks.

A Caramel Corn delight that I did last week, Delish!
                                               I hope you guys have a better life than me. So unproductive ....Ciaou.

Saturday, 6 August 2011


   This is long overdue because I was just simply very lazy, but I'm been keeping myself busy of course.It's fun having your time only controlled by you. Generously spending my time with glorious art and crafts making and cooking-simply splendid! Morning's spend of course too sleeping then browsing through tumblr for inspiration - then sitting down on my worn out chair and staring at my much loved wall filled with all things beautiful( I should take a picture of it!).Continued with my watercolour brushes and paper and my hand just goes like it was posses by artist avant-garde  demon. Piles of artworks are building up.Then the nights, after going for prayers, working on my new necklace piece which is made of colour pencils!! excited!. Those will be for other posts. bye.

Surprising the best comfort food if ever eaten.
Who would have taught that the curry would be soo good!
I am soo a mamak.dayum! 

My Dad.

        For Malaysian's , do you realize something? Menjual PINGGANG! OMG , like really who open 

a store and put up a signage that has wrong spelling? Unless your really selling waist for those who don't like theirs!.

Been reading all of my old book's again, submerged by fantasy that I know and love is comforting.

 Till next time, x.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Ramadhan Ready

Bonjour, or Assalamualaikum for this festive month. It's here again the holy month for muslims
everywhere-happy fasting!. It's the third of Ramadan today.. and I have some finished artworks I want to show. For me not being here awhile was because I went to my hometown Kedah! wooot! Crazy fun I had there, a lot of food I mean A LOT. I have pictures but it's in my dad's phone and it's hard to get hold of it.
A watercolour Painting that my mum wanted.