Monday, 28 November 2011

The Velveteen Rabbit

It's quite late now here , but I'm just simply too excited so I have to make this post.
I've been meaning to make this artwork  for quite some time now,and  I kept on thinking of making it but
never really got to it, because I'm a procrastination expert!. Remember I said that I wanted to draw
more guys, well here it is. What better to way  to draw, then  Adam Gallagher from I am GALLA!,
most of you would know him from his amazing looks in, I particular like his look "The Velveteen Rabbit" with his burgundy blazer(with I would die for). So here it is!
 I wanted something colorful but muted, but with strong hints of turquoise.

This was fun to manipulate , I really like it, gives a Alexander Mcqueen feel to it.

 So It's prisma color pencil, watercolor, graphite on color paper! with the help of photoshop of course.
I think I'll include this in my prints which is coming very soon!

Haris Rashid.

Friday, 25 November 2011

The Birthday Birds

Hello everyone!!
So, it's been awhile, huh?, assignments grabbed me and it wouldn't let go. He is so mean isn't he.
I really wanted to blog but there where no relevant space to. So my BIRTHDAY was yesterday, I
wanted to make this post yesterday but was too tired. So yeah, I'm bloody 19 now, it sucks!.
I liked being 18 not too young not too old. but apparently time went against me and cast a spell
and turned me older!. Regardless of time's black magic, I had the single most amazing year ever(despite
the drama that happen!) like seriously I really use this year to my advantage, with faith , family and friends!
Wonder full events and achievements, which I love to revisit. I try my best to document the highlights here in
my blog. This week was actually hard to go through, I was amazingly sick!, my tonsils decided to swell, and
left me in pain breathing. I felt horrible, going through exams with a big fever and flu. I couldn't afford missing
class, so I sucked it up and dragged my sorry ass to college. I've had it with my tonsils, this is definitely the
last straw, so I went to Damansara Specialist Hospital , and saw the doctor to get it operated out of me.If
everything goes right , ill be admitted in December. Enough about my sad health, let get to photos I took
of my present and what I got from people.

Well, here's a story to tell you , Yesterday, as I was normally going to class, and it was my birthday.
and after endless of friends and family wished me, I was particularly waiting for my best friend in college
to wish me, I expected her to be one of the first to wish , but she din't which worried me and angered me at
the same time. So the days creep till afternoon, then I started to go crazy, I really din't want to talk to
her if she din't wish me so I kept asking my friends , "Why isn't she calling and wishing"
"Seriously , she is going to DIE!!"
So I was so crazy in class, then I wanted to pee, so quickly turn and walked straight to the door
neglecting any people calling because I really wanted to pee. So I walked to the classroom that had
toilets, and it was closed. So I figured that they were a class inside, so I peeked through the door window
and to my insane surprise, it was HER, the one I've been waiting to wish me! And she was mending
a hand full of cupcakes with fire crackers on top, I went deliriousness , and run away as fast away
 from the door because I knew I ruined the surprise cause I saw her staring straight to me and screaming !!!
so yeah, I blew the surprise because of my bladder. Laugh out Loud!!!!! Sorry Khalis!
I love you!!
 Here's my birthday outfit!and the pink car Tihah gave to me so cute and sassy! haha

My mom and sister got me the new sweater and bag which I'm still in shock that they gave it to me!
I LOVE the jacket, it's like high school jacket, just the shape and cut without the cheezzy letter.
which is perfect, and it's in dark colors, and the bag, where do I begin , I am obsessed with it!
I've been wanting it like forever for my art college, because it's just perfect for putting big
tools and art board in to it and it fits!

My pull-over collection is expanding , the blue sweater on top I recently bought at Uniqlo, One Utama,
You guys should totally check it out, they have the best basics ever!
Below are pics I took during the week, some gemstones, breakfast and cousin visit. 

Okay I'm done , Au revoir, till next time!

Friday, 11 November 2011

Of Turbans and Flowers..

Bonjour! I am very excited for this so just bare with me, I been waiting and waiting to share this to you guys for quite some time now(and I'm not good at waiting). So, for the last month or so I've been doing commissions and art just for fun , That I've shown some preview and sneak peaks here and there for them  who's notices it. So the first piece I did is of Yuna Zarai, it was just the most natural thing to do after Jezmine Blossom! So with the help of the most AWESOME cousin Angah!woot!. It was delivered right to her hands!. Seriously the painting was insane fun to do. Tried new techniques, and black background for the first time and loving it, seriously! I wanted to show the edgy and eclectic side of her that I see is growing, so searched her blogs for inspiration and pics, and the turban that she now wears is Gorgeous, she looks amazing! the colour combination that she does are very intelligent!.  Without further or due....

 And she posted this on her twitter!here! and her instagram.

For the second piece which was commissioned by a couple for their wedding day, I was touched!
They wanted them in full body, with the sweetest colours, for the wedding theme is fairy tale, awww!
so I made this...

Fuhh! okay then I hope you guys enjoyed my labour of love, I had SUPER fun! and have a nice 11/11/11,LOL!
Au Revoir!

Pink Aidil Adha

Which is long overdue!.. sorry, but was too busy with assignments and basically couldn't move my heart to edit the photos. Well raya Haji that day was awesome, Umi masak banyak gile as exspected!. Lepas sembahyang raya then mintak ampun, I thought that we as a family didn't have a proper family portrait picture together, since mase raya aidil fitri hari tuh sibuk sangat dengan camera pon tak berfungsi! bagus. So I screamed to the household ask told everyone to bersiap because I nk buat D.I.Y set studio for a professional like photo shoot session. Semua pown excited lah! Pakai make-up semua siap berkasut lagi, then tangkap gambar depan rumah jer. What did the neighbor's say I wonder. Owh well, so we wore our raya clothes which is pink , umi's idea.

Ok, bye!