Saturday, 22 September 2012

H&M Lot 10 opening

Bonjour! You guys know how I was all excited when H&M decided to reach Malaysia. Every time I walk past the renovating store that'll soon be a phenomenon I squeal like a fan girl. This store is going to change how Malaysian's dress hopefully inspiring them to be more fashion forward. The grand opening was at 11:00 a.m. technically but for obvious reasons , me and Jaa had to get there super early since they offered shopping vouchers for the 365 early birds! Got there at 7:30 a.m. , still there were already die hard fans that were getting comfortable in front the line. We waited for 4 hours, haha, crazy right! Never have I done anything remotely close to this. But it was fun waiting also , tweeting and intragraming all the way despite having the carpet soaked wet by the heavy rain from the night before. As it was close to the opening, they're were medias and stylish people going about . They even made us jump and clap and dance, haha , whole lot of fun!. So I got the RM 50 voucher ( Alhamdulillah ) , I was already mapping out my strategy and the things that I wanted to grab. The H&M store has 3 floors packed with fashion outburst! Menswear is at the top floor, they have the most amazing blazers & suits ( one in rich maroon colour that kept me gasping) , so I grabbed a blazer for myself . They also had these hot leather jacket that I couldn't resist! For you gals out there, they are a whole cyclopedia of interesting buy's. The printed flora's are a must have , how could you resist having Lana Del Ray starring at you. What are you waiting for , get yourselves to H&M !

         Leather jacket (H&M) , Jeans ( Uniqlo) , Necklace and glasses (DIY)

That's all for now,
stay tuned on a DIY tutorial on ombre glasses.
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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Those moments.

Well last Sunday, I went on a little adventure over in the fashion world. My friend Jaa, (I think you'll know her if you follow me long enough) she being so in tuned with the fashion scene in Malaysia being a fashion student herself . So she just kind of asked me if I wanted to work for Jovian Mandagie ( a famous local couturier) on a Saturday night. Now this is something entirely out of my comfort zone but some bone in my body jump to agreement! So I did , the next day we went to Royale Chulan hotel in KL , all nervous and anxious how it all work out. The event was for his Aidil adha Raya  launch for pre-order and open house. So we met him for a briefing, and there he was . I could not believe that I was in a presence of a famous fashion designer, him being all casual with his Prada bag and his amazing Christian Lauboutin  flats. So I was in charged of handling the RSVP counter for the VVIP's. Looking at the list they gave, slowly scrolling down as I read one artist after another even came across some favorite bloggers that were going to come. Gave me butterflies seeing glamorous elites parading across my eyes!. Never thought that I could ever greet such amazing people. And the clothe's were gorgeous, so elegant and simple. Ordered one for my mum, giving her a surprise for when she got home from Sabah. I think that I'm becoming more open to what ever opportunity that comes to me, saying " What the heck, at least I can say that I've done it". To add to this, I got an e-mail from the British Council inviting me to be a presenter for "Pecha Kucha" night. The event is quite public with possible medias covering that night, giving me goosebumps just thinking of it. And what did I say , haha YES!. I've never been ask to present about anything , for them to even consider me is mind bobbling!. You just never now what life will trow at you, just have an open mind and embrace it!

May the odds be ever in your Favor!
haha, just managed to watch Hunger Games.
bye now 

Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Now or Never

Bonjour! Well this was pretty much all about getting use with  my new routine that mainly rotates around school , working around assignments. Trying to get the hang of it , while I still do my fun artsy stuff. Since my mum fixed the sewing machine my eyes started to glistened with joy of possibilities of making clothe's. I've always wanted to sew so badly, not much of a fashion designer. Just enough to know the basics, after religiously watching project runway that made clothes look easy. I was ready to do the practical part. Carried that heavy load of a machine on my working table and started to meddle with it. After a sleepless night , I managed to alter all of my clothes that needed fixing which included the denim vest, a lot of pants and a few zipper malfunctions. Then I decided to sew a batik fabric, use it as a pocket on a t-shirt. It turned out okay.haha.Putting aside all these sewing business, I found a new muse to admire on. Claire Boucher Grimes is a phenomenal human being. I looove her songs, putting me in a goth trans! Which is a new style that I kinda like. but could never pull of, just admiring it's coolness from a far.

Here is the awesome girl, go check her out if you haven't already.
and  I bought inks for school .We're learning airbrush this semester , the compressor is deadly expensive. Not going to buy it, visiting friends who has it is worth the saving.
I have a new life motto , "now or never" it's basically means that what ever that I want to do it life should be done now, don't wait for it. Just do it for life is short and abstract.If you don't try you'll never know.

it's now or never.



Sunday, 2 September 2012

New Artwork - Forgotten Glory

Bonjour! Here we are for yet another post. The reason that I haven't been here is because I've been in the middle of painting a new artwork , I took my sweet time. Never thought it was going to take THAT long, but it was worth it . I'm going to start my college tomorrow , I have mixed feeling for that. Thank god I got to finish painting just before schools starts. When I start painting, I don't like doing other things- all my energy has to go to my artwork ( that's just me ) and I can't do other things till it's finish. ( it's a weird OCD I have) . So I was really getting inspired by the Egyptian civilization, and the art of course. It's just so mesmerizing, the colors, The gold with greens and orange.  And I was also influenced by Islamic Turkish designs that was heavily detailed on tiles. So I had to make a painting , so I merged them both. Enjoy!


          Forgotten Glory

Now I rest in peace, haha. 
I hope you guys like it, cause I had fun making it.
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