Monday, 13 February 2012

DIY - Neon Necklace

I've been really intoxicated by the neon color phenomenon, 
I just love how those subtle hints of bright neon
really excites the outfit. So , I was desperate to make one myself , with the Haris edge of course!
If you think covered in neon from head to toe maybe a little to bright to swallow, 
then go for a little statement
piece of neon accessories, it  would brighten up your day.
Today i'll be making an Aztec yellow neon necklace.

Now, I made this necklace without purchasing anything . I'm serious. I found junk around house and
made a necklace out of it like all of my necklaces are made.

Let's go
1) Try to not to buy anything , haha. Do a little scavenger  hunt around the house and find anything that
    you think could help , ANYTHING. you could be surprise on what you can find.
2) Lay down your finds, and think of a shape you want for the necklace and get ideas through the web.
    Start playing around with the these to find possible shapes.
3) For me, I found these little rectangular wooden toys , so I decided to glue them together and
     make an angle. And took two more and cut them spontaneously to give them a rough crystal look.
4) Spray paint your pieces or in my case i used acrylic and mixed the neon.
5) Attach your chain with loops and hooks ( I found chain from a door sign) but If you can't find one
    , you can just get them cheap.
6) Viola!

Now, I know it sounds a little vague but I can't really explain exactly what I did because I make stuff
as I go , I don't planned them, same goes for all of you , you may have your own ways of doing it.

Or, if this is to much of a hassle, just get an unused necklace, pref ably beaded and just spray paint it
neon and your done!.

Here are some other bloggers creation,

a pair and a spare

And here's a great article by confession of a product junkie on how to wear neon without looking like
a glow stick.

Jodie_Snyder for the coveteur dannijo neon necklace
Dannijo necklaces, image via The Coveteur

So here's mine

Okay then, I hope this post helped with you Neon ambitions,
Till next time,


  1. hey, have u done the header of iamgalla?
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    1. is it possible that u make the same for me? :D i'll give u a shoutout after doing this ;) contact me, if u would do this for me :) write a comment on my blog ( or write an email: I'D BE SO HAPPY!! :)

  2. Amazing job dear!!!
    Love your DIY and ur drawings!!
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