Thursday, 23 February 2012

DIY - Galaxy Studded Chucks

Bonjour!, I'm hoping if I say it enough that ill be french. haha.  So about last week, I received the studs
 that I ordered from ebay and I was so excited. Finally studs , every DIY er need to at least make
 something studded. And the first thought that came through my mind was studded shoes, and I had old chucks laying around and why not just pimp the hell of it! How cool it is to combine galaxies and studs!
Amazing, you have to try it! The most single proudest DIY I ever made.


buy these shoes here!

What you need-
1) A pair of chucks of course!, pref-ably black or I'm just gonna paint over it anyways.
2) Fabric paint , black, white , purple ,blue . what ever you like really.
3) Black spray paint.
4) Studs! I got mine here

- Take out the shoe laces and paint the galaxy , here's an awesome tutorial you can follow.

After painting your shoe can spray paint the bottom black , but make
sure to cover your galaxy with tape.

Then you can just go ahead and stud them the way you like.

There you go what do you think?
Owh and here's a collage I did.

and go check out my interview with Ondo Lady

Okay that's it, there a lot of DIY huh? I surprise myself.
but I'm loving it.
"Never Abandon Imagination"
Tony DiTerlizzi

Bye now


  1. Awesome shoes dude!may i know where to get those studs?

  2. How did you keep the grommets clean of paint?