Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Fluttered Hues

 This is my first flip-book animation for a class project.

Film Fusion.

      Well, you know when you watch a very richly styled movie with amazing story lines and you just get so infused into it, that you just now how to play the character and you won't mind being one and living their lives because they're just so effing interesting? I spent half of the day doing that, while I was painting my mum's rose that she requested- I wanted to be inspired and just chill and smell the roses( LOL!). So I simultaneously watched movies and paint at the same time, ahh life is good.(I'm getting very productive) The first movie I saw was actually found by accident while deliriously searching another favorite. It's The Darjeeling Limited, I was shocked that I had that DVD in my stack, well a close friend of mine ( she's really cool and is an expert for everything indie and hobo, in a good way of course!)well she adores that movie and I always wanted to watch it and wondered how on earth have I haven't!
It is an AMAZING MOVIE, if you haven't watched it, you should.
I was just so inspired by it , the way it been styled and India is just Magical place.I want to go there.badly.
Makes me appreciate the Indian blood in me.
The colours are just amazing, and it really shows my style. So I think I'll be wearing more prints and colors!

He's style is just really effin awesome!

That's me! It's awhile ago.. Owh the shoes I've customized my own.
The other movies I watched was Miss Potter, Devils wear Prade(ofcourse) and Single Man. I love ALL of these movies for inspiration, maybe I'll post their individual style on other days.
Au revoir! x

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Taking it Slow.

   There's a lot of things that I really want to do, I just wish that time would extend itself everyday.Reality is, it's rapidly going faster by the minute.I've finished an artwork today , and the problem is that it's bigger that the size of my little scanner, and I don't have any camera laying around except for phone cameras that just annoys me every time- and I want to document my artworks properly so until then progress pictures will do.

Owh , that's my messy room if you're wondering .Don't worry I've cleaned it.

Experimenting on Watercolour techniques, which is really fun!

       One of my old works , It was for an Art Exhibition Saint Louis , MO. Dragasmic.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Tran Nguyen

       That's the name of one of my most adored artist. Her works really inspire me to forward myself to the world of illustration and the greatness that it holds. She lives in the States, and her works are really dreamy and romantic with hints of mystery. The artworks just makes you sit there and stare for hours, wonderfully lost in her delicate soft strokes and magically muted colors- and you wonder what's the tale behind it or what are the figure's in the painting thinking about.Her approach towards art is really what I strive for in my own works.If you want to know more about her, here's a link to her blog.Click!

                                                 She's quite adoreble herself too, hehe.

Frolic in My Head.

Hello there,
This week was really really complicated and soo hard too go through.
ALOT happened, I went through a lot. Let's just get on with it and go to the fun stuff.

This is the Final Project for my Composition Analysis class.
Done with Pencil on paper.
This was sent last week, so it's quite awhile now.Had fun shading it , with of course Oh Land! I loove, so it was a breeze...There's another one , a movie poster but it's still with the college and actually i have tons of artworks to show but ill take forever. So when I feel like ill show my archive- either than that ill just be from what I do now on.
Here are the things I bought last week, I fell in love with the shirt so I had to have it, and the suspenders I'm
excited to experiment with but I've  not found an occasion for it yet.

Both necklaces I did my self.
Today I went to go shopping again with lil' sis and bought bunch of stuff ( excited).

I'm on my semester break sooooo. Yeah me! I have loads planned! DIY stuff of course and ARTWORKS, yes a lot of drawing and painting - I bought a bunch of watercolor paper to work on , so look out they'll be a lot of artwork( I hope). I'm working on one right now, just can't seem to sit on it and concentrate , don't worry ill  make it . Till next time . toodles.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Chanel Haute Couture Fall Winter 2011/ 2012

I looooove the set that they did, glamorously dark- and the black glittering floor is to die for.

D.I.Y dreams.

Well hello there,
I definitely am home alone today, Everyone has something to do or somewhere to go except me!. and THAT doesn't happen often. Mum and sis went to some flower convention at Putrajaya, Dad and big sis is going for Liverpool vs. Malaysia match( which I assume are cheering deliriously in the crowd by now).Even my maid is out for the day.SHEESH. I feel like a loser( not like that's new to me). So I ought to be very productive today with school work cyber work,hehe. Ended up watching 2 inspiring ,drop dead sad! crying my eye balls out. (yes, people HARIS cried).It's just because they were nobody at home which they're usually are and I'll be all macho and fierce.hahaha. At least I did most of my assignments, pat's myself*.

So now I thought of telling you guys about my DIY ideas that I plan to do this semester break, which has a high chance of not happening cuz my parents decided to send me off to some religious boot camp which I do not want to talk about right now.

If you can see the first  DIY check box  been ticked , well because I did it already.
here it is, I really love it..I can wear with a plain tee or with a buttoned shirt .
 I wanted to take more Lookbook outfits cause all these ideas are pilling up in my mind and I bought a couple of stuff that's pretty cool..but I can't cause I don't have a reliable functional camera(were cheap). It's usually through my dad's phone or a friend's DLSR. Pathetic isn't it? owh well maybe it's time to take out my googly puppy eyes and business mind up to my parent's for a request for a descent camera ( I don't mind really).
Until next time. Au revoir.

Friday, 8 July 2011


Haris here.. I'm very excited to be here. I've always wanted to create a blog , and I've had but failed to be productive with it and died slowly. So now with this new blog I promise to be committed to it. So here, i'll post daily personal agendas , DIY aspirations, reviews , fashion consciousness etc. So scoot over bloggers cause Haris Rashid is here to stay!