Saturday, 13 April 2013

Building theharisrashid

It has been around more than a month since my last update, well I'm sorry. This semester had really consumed me. I had barely enough time to even sleep, it was the best and the worst semester that I had to ever endure. What's important is that it's done now and I have time to write, this sem was all about building your brand and you're portfolio. After 2 sleepless overnights in college and a LOT of junk food and my newly obsessed facebook game " Candy Crush " , I'm proud of the fruits of my loins haha. Which I'm about to present to you guys. You're about to get an overdose of Haris Rashid ( since you're even reading my blog I assume you don't mind). My "loins" are actually my website, name card , portfolio and manga to name a few  (or these are the one's I actually care about). I needed a proper profile picture for my portfolio  I wanted to look polished yet still creative . So I my sis help me take these pictures. Finally found a reason to wear my suit and tie. hahaha

And here's my portfolio.....

and my Comic....

And please check out my website here!

If you ever do see me ask me for my business card  :) 

and I join my very first "proper" exhibition..... although the organizers gave a big headache..

And here's an update on my artworks, pretty much doodling right now.

Alright that'll be it, I'm going to continue watching the carrie diaries.
don't worry I'll back blogging in full swing.