Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Allo! I hit my "weekend" again ( my awkward gap between classes). Which means I usually try new things, I'm surprised that I'm getting really consistent with the art I make *pats self*. This week is all about fonts and typography.I always liked typography but I admit it's a little tricky at times. Hand painted lettering's are awesome!I sometimes like to dwell in lettering and just have fun with it. Remember the wood panel piece ? Well, I colored butterflies and flowers with color pencils , astonished that the wood received it so well and I painted the word "peace" in Arabic which sounds as "salam". Pretty satisfied with that. Then I painted the word "dream" on paper with gauche. Check it out!

Dusty Signs from Hunter Johnson on Vimeo.

I'll be next week till I post new art.
Hope you'll enjoy these.
bye now

Sunday, 24 June 2012

Simple Sundays

Bonjour! Comment ca va? haha I miss writing to my french Mauritius friend, I hope she's well. Well , Sundays are always a day of spring cleaning, washing your car and pakai bedak sejuk tengok  Melodi   sambil makan durian. , hahaha!. A slip of my mother tongue if you don't mind. Neglecting the fact that I have a class tomorrow  and that I have to finish my assignment never stopped me from enjoying my Sunday, kids don't try this at home. To tell you the truth I have guilty pleasure of organizing my closet and trying out a lot of clothes , I'll mix and match them to create something new. I do this all the time on Sundays , well now you know how vainly creepy I am. I just love clothes is that so wrong?. I also realized that I have quite a hat collection going on, so decided to try them all out for you guys. Those hats are for times when I need something on my head, it's a seasonal thing for me. I also tried a new piece of art, merely in progress but it's on a wood panel. I'll let you know how it goes but so far it's amazing , I wanted to try coloring acrylic on it.

And this is what I ate for breakfast, Purple potato steamed with brown sugar and coconut. Super awesome,
and I swear that the potato is naturally that color.

Here's my Hat collection, just for laughs!

LOL, Have a nice week guys.
Au revoir!

Friday, 22 June 2012


Hello there, how is everyone.. For all the Muslims out there , Ramadan is just around the corner. Can't wait and that also goes for the H&M store that'll be opening in Malaysia (it's about time) in September, ahhhh can't wait I already have spotted a few pieces( saving up for it). Well for today's post it's a little nostalgic to me cause for the first time I'll be showing pictures when I was around 4 to 5 which was the BEST years of my life when I stayed in United Kingdom for a year. I was too small too appreciate it but surprisingly I remembered it quite vividly which gave a shock to my family. I remember going to international school and was too shy to say even one word that even my teachers though that I was deaf. Yet I would go home and be the loudest kid on the block with my parents, to convince the teachers otherwise, my dad recorded my conversations at home and played it to my teacher.LOL. owh and one little detail, I was an incredibly spoiled brat that you see around the mall winning and you just felt like killing them. Owh boy was I a wild one, I may have contributed to my parents back pains till today from forcing them to carry me although I was big fat ass boy. Nonetheless   I was pretty cute, haha. I had so many nice clothes that I wish I could still fit in ... and my mum, she was really stylish ( maybe that was where I got it from) and It was then when I first painted an artwork. I remember the whole day , I was playing cooking with my friend then I saw some kids in the other room painting, It looked like so much fun so I pocked at my teacher and whispered to her ear saying that I wanted to paint. She was so happy and sent me off with an apron and sat me down with a piece of paper and a bunch of paints. haha One day I even called the police from home just because I was bored , the police really came and knocked at my door. HAHAHAHA.. boy was my mum angry. Is your parents okay said the policeman..."Yeah there fine", said me "Don't worry son just stay put and we'll come and get you. LOL...I even experienced snow for the first time there.... ahhh those days. Well if I told you every single story , I'll better off start writing a book.

Flaunting what I got since young, haha
till next time,

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

New Artwork!

I'm here again..LOL. I don't usually post two in one go but it needed special attention. You know that I'm always trying to stretch my art styles just because it's fun. This week I was consumed by project runway Season 9, downloaded the whole thing and stayed up a few nights watching it . Never have I finished 14 episodes in 3 days. It was that good, there was just so many amazing talents but my eye was always pointed to Anya Ayoung-Chee , damn this chick is gorgeous , she reminds me off  Rihanna she has the same accent too. Her designing is so forward and mind blowing , without a doubt she won the whole thing.
If you haven't watched it already , GO! haha

Well for the new works I did . I always wanted to do something very graphic and tattoo inspired designs.
Just black and white crest for Venom Fame. Took a lot of measurements to get it right and patience filling it in but it was well worth it! Enjoy.

I'm thinking of making a new blog header with this , what do you guys think?
and I did some experiments with colors trying to find new combinations . they're inspired by moths,
turn out kinda awesome. It was totally spontaneous! purely what I felt.

That's all for my artistic adventures.
Stay tuned for more.

Men's Summer Prints

Hello guys, I've been meaning to this quite some time. Now I finally HAVE time to do it. So here's my guide to men's summer look ( It's always summer or raining here anyways) . Well as many you are aware the sun's rude tendencies to grill us to the bone making the level of laziness of dressing up to another level. Sometimes you don't even bother to go out. Let's not be grumpy and embrace the sun shall we ( warning, my styling tips are not for the faint of heart!) . 

Let's us just focus on print's for today
It's a statement piece, if you're wearing a full tropical bird shirt. You're  my new best friend!!
I'm slowly collecting patterns ....well I am still a student as most of my readers are. This is the time to beef up and wear those crazy prints you bought  that you was afraid to wear. Colors and patterns look amazing in the sunlight! but I'm not talking about you're dad's Hawaiian shirts , that's just sloppy. Your shirt has to at least have a nice fit . Men clothes are all about structure and form. Here's some fun prints to show. 

Men's Animal Print Lookbook

Men’s Spring/Summer 2012 Colour Trend: Yellow

There you have it ,
my overdose of color and pattern.