Tuesday, 28 February 2012

DIY- Chain Bracelet

Allo! How exciting, another DIY. It's becoming more of a regular thing. I hope it sticks around.
Well for this  DIY, I was inspired by I Spy Diy's chain bracelet that she makes a lot , which I always wanted one cause they look so cool, plus i love her, she's just so amazing . I always feel positive browsing through her insight full blog. Talking about chains , I think packing on different kinds of bracelet is a instant way to jazz up your outfit without trying to hard. Bracelet's can really lift up even jean an t-shirt looks. Let's see what research did I do this time..


I SPY DIY chain tutorial. Go check it out!

DIY woven chain bracelet!Honestly...WTF

gum wrapper bracelet Check out these Newspaper Recycled Bracelet

So what you'll need are

1) Chains
2) Suede or leather Strings
3) Pliers
4) Bracelet Closure

It's easy really, just tie the two chains together  and start weaving the two chains together. Pull tightly as you
go. Then tie the ends. Attach you closer and your done! Here's a better explanation to how it works. HERE!

Check my new ring I got , I'm totally obsessed with it! It's a emerald stone.

So I was feeling productive today so i did a drawing of I SPY DIY! Because she just looked so cheerful
all the time , like a bright sunny day so I tried to capture it!

                                                                    That's it for now,
          I hope you guys enjoyed it,
   Till next time.

Indian Goddess

Namaste, just a little update on what my recent photo shoot for a class practice. For the first time
I had a chance to use the studio for professional pictures. I instantly grab my babey  http://kellyspaghetti.blogspot.com/. Check this awesome girl out! hehe. so I went crazy with the accessories
and made her a avant garde necklace plus make-up on her face! So much fun, and she looks amazing!

Givenchy Spring/Summer 2012 Haute Couture Collection

Model : Khalis Kamarul
Lighting : NurFatihah
Stylist: Haris
Make-up: Haris 

*always wanted to do that.

I was baking today, wanted to make a butter cake.

They are delish!

Thursday, 23 February 2012

DIY - Galaxy Studded Chucks

Bonjour!, I'm hoping if I say it enough that ill be french. haha.  So about last week, I received the studs
 that I ordered from ebay and I was so excited. Finally studs , every DIY er need to at least make
 something studded. And the first thought that came through my mind was studded shoes, and I had old chucks laying around and why not just pimp the hell of it! How cool it is to combine galaxies and studs!
Amazing, you have to try it! The most single proudest DIY I ever made.


buy these shoes here!

What you need-
1) A pair of chucks of course!, pref-ably black or I'm just gonna paint over it anyways.
2) Fabric paint , black, white , purple ,blue . what ever you like really.
3) Black spray paint.
4) Studs! I got mine here

- Take out the shoe laces and paint the galaxy , here's an awesome tutorial you can follow.

After painting your shoe can spray paint the bottom black , but make
sure to cover your galaxy with tape.

Then you can just go ahead and stud them the way you like.

There you go what do you think?
Owh and here's a collage I did.

and go check out my interview with Ondo Lady

Okay that's it, there a lot of DIY huh? I surprise myself.
but I'm loving it.
"Never Abandon Imagination"
Tony DiTerlizzi

Bye now

Monday, 13 February 2012

DIY - Neon Necklace

I've been really intoxicated by the neon color phenomenon, 
I just love how those subtle hints of bright neon
really excites the outfit. So , I was desperate to make one myself , with the Haris edge of course!
If you think covered in neon from head to toe maybe a little to bright to swallow, 
then go for a little statement
piece of neon accessories, it  would brighten up your day.
Today i'll be making an Aztec yellow neon necklace.

Now, I made this necklace without purchasing anything . I'm serious. I found junk around house and
made a necklace out of it like all of my necklaces are made.

Let's go
1) Try to not to buy anything , haha. Do a little scavenger  hunt around the house and find anything that
    you think could help , ANYTHING. you could be surprise on what you can find.
2) Lay down your finds, and think of a shape you want for the necklace and get ideas through the web.
    Start playing around with the these to find possible shapes.
3) For me, I found these little rectangular wooden toys , so I decided to glue them together and
     make an angle. And took two more and cut them spontaneously to give them a rough crystal look.
4) Spray paint your pieces or in my case i used acrylic and mixed the neon.
5) Attach your chain with loops and hooks ( I found chain from a door sign) but If you can't find one
    , you can just get them cheap.
6) Viola!

Now, I know it sounds a little vague but I can't really explain exactly what I did because I make stuff
as I go , I don't planned them, same goes for all of you , you may have your own ways of doing it.

Or, if this is to much of a hassle, just get an unused necklace, pref ably beaded and just spray paint it
neon and your done!.

Here are some other bloggers creation,

a pair and a spare

And here's a great article by confession of a product junkie on how to wear neon without looking like
a glow stick.

Jodie_Snyder for the coveteur dannijo neon necklace
Dannijo necklaces, image via The Coveteur

So here's mine

Okay then, I hope this post helped with you Neon ambitions,
Till next time,

Friday, 10 February 2012

My Muse

Hello there!
I've been having a lot's of inspiration lately, and everything is going slow. Nothing much to do compared
to last semester which was insane. Maybe I'm just not use to this freedom, I need something to keep
me busy and going. Or am I just being paranoid. That's me always thinking to much. Never mind that,
I've recently finished a new piece, I was really inspired by Lana Del Rey, that ridiculously talented and
gorgeous singer. I love that she's so simple and classic , effortless beauty. With the influenced of my new bought book of James Jean "Rebus", let's just talk for this a moment. I used my voucher's  and got myself
my first art book ever of JAMES fricking JEAN!!! OMG! so excited! If you know me, you'd know that I'm totally obsessed with his art, is the kind of art that I thrive for really. And the book is BEAUTIFUL! forever in love...

There's some malfunction with the pictures , I don't know why. So just bare with them.
Here's the new book I got of James Jean "Rebus"so AMAZING!( sorry for the caps)

Last Saturday I went to Kuala Lumpur with  Tiha, it was so much fun took
a lot of graffiti that was so awesome and inspiring really.

Okay dah habis dah, 
Hope you guys enjoyed it!