Sunday, 11 September 2011


This is just an experiment for techniques , I'm trying to mix collages to give texture and depth. I always love nature , and roses has always been my nuance. It's long since I drew animals, so needed I to refresh myself.  How do you like it?
Mixed media on Watercolour paper.

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Susie and friends.

 Hello there,
My second year at the one academy just started this week, to be frank, it was not all that fun. Instead of fun assignments, it felt more like workloads! I have no idea how am I going to cope with it.  As for today I just finished puasa 6 , fuuh. Susah sangat puasa 6(first time habis, hehe). Dengan college baru start , banyak ujian!Seriously a lot of ujian. I was at the urge of  my patience. Oh well, at least I have Thursdays off, so this week I went out with my favorite  high school friends, 5 GAMA ! Jawahir and Farisha and Adil. We did a fun photo shoot, my first organized photo shoot. Apparently Adil, bought a snake! yes ladies and gentlemen , a REAL life snake named Susie with I found cute for a name. I was entirely shocked at first , and honestly I'm not that brave when it comes to wild animals. But the alpha male in me stood up and embrace the snake, after long patting with the snake,I felt comfortable playing with it freely. It was really fun, honestly! We were walking around the mall while the snake lingered around my neck like an exotic piece of necklace. Many head's  turn and whispered around me.LOL.

  The one in the gorgeous pink outfit is my lovely Jawahir
 And that's Susie!
That's the necklace I made and my DIY sketchbook!

Ok I'm done now thanks ,bye!

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The Wonderful World of Jezmine Blossom

Hello dear new readers thanks to Jezmine Blossom,
This was long overdue ,  but now I feel comfortable sharing it.
During Ramadhan , the artworks i said I did- well ,this is one of them! 
It's a painting I did for dear Jezmine Zaidan, after contacting through the web
I was also shocked from the reply I got , Thank you so much for liking it. It means
a lot to me. Without further or due here it is.
 She has  on the cutest shoes, so since the shoe here in the outfit is black,so
I decided to frame it fabulously. hehe.
 Here's the outfit that I referred to, I wanted to find something monotone,
So that I can go crazy on the background with and it was mighty fun, I just simply added more design.(it went on and on....) for those who know my artwork, you know how it goes.
Jezmine Blossom , gauche , color pencil , glitter , paper popped flowers(so fun)
 on cardboard paper material.

Thank you to you to Jezmine Zaidan.