Thursday, 14 August 2014

Well , well.

Well hello there! Ok this has been like forever. I thought I wasn't going to post anything anymore here cause I found other easier mediums for me to update my social life, like instagram , twitter and facebook. So I didn't find the need to blog anymore, and for some reason I'm stumbling upon this site again and I just feel like blogging at 1 a.m. So this post might turn out like crap because I haven't done blogging in so long , so I'm just winging it.

Obviously a lot has happen since I last posted, my mind set has change as well as my attitude towards life (for the better I hope). I've meet some really wonderful and inspiring people this year that I think made me grow positively. Of course they're some bad moments, but let us not dwell on that.  

So what I've been up to? I'm trying to get more involve in the gallery scene , and I'm slowly doing it. yeay! Stay tuned they will be a few shows coming up.Please follow me on my social sites if you haven't already on the right top there.

I hope everyone's doing well? I would love to hear from you. (if anyone still follows me, lol.)

Here are some instagram photos of new works I'm working on.  @harisrashid

 Thats it for now, really not sure when i'll update ; we will see.
Au Revoir!


Haris Rashid.