Wednesday, 7 September 2011

The Wonderful World of Jezmine Blossom

Hello dear new readers thanks to Jezmine Blossom,
This was long overdue ,  but now I feel comfortable sharing it.
During Ramadhan , the artworks i said I did- well ,this is one of them! 
It's a painting I did for dear Jezmine Zaidan, after contacting through the web
I was also shocked from the reply I got , Thank you so much for liking it. It means
a lot to me. Without further or due here it is.
 She has  on the cutest shoes, so since the shoe here in the outfit is black,so
I decided to frame it fabulously. hehe.
 Here's the outfit that I referred to, I wanted to find something monotone,
So that I can go crazy on the background with and it was mighty fun, I just simply added more design.(it went on and on....) for those who know my artwork, you know how it goes.
Jezmine Blossom , gauche , color pencil , glitter , paper popped flowers(so fun)
 on cardboard paper material.

Thank you to you to Jezmine Zaidan.


  1. i saw your work at jezmine's blog and i fell in love with it right away! yeah, i'm a sucker for good arts and YOU, are such a talented young artist! great work. keep it up!

  2. wow! that was quick! nice to meet you =)

  3. Nice one, Haris~! :)

  4. i come from the jezmine's blog. n i saw ur work..n it's really gorgeous..keep it up! i hope i can see more artworks from u :)

  5. thank you cik qin , insyaAllah!

  6. AMAZING WORRRRRRRK! Thank youuuuu soooo much! let collaborate soon! I soooo love you and your work!

  7. I love this illustration of jezmine that you made. The details & the colour are stunning! Keep it up!

  8. Ofcourse Jezmine!soon!

    Thank you very much Delila!