Friday, 10 August 2012

A series of unfortunate events

Assalamuaalaikum  everyone, Ramadan is coming to an end so tragic. And now were already in those crucial
last nights in search for the Lailatul Qadr. Haha , again I've been slacking.but busy with commissions. Those requests are flooding my schedule, since I din't get any booth this week I think it's a sign for me to sit back and just relax. But it's a tad bit difficult to do that when so there's many unfortunate events  tumbling  upon you giving you no air to breath. Whats so dramatic happened? well, last Tuesday I recall , me and my Sis was just laying around the house as per usual , while my sister excessively prepare for her upcoming
interview(seriously a little step to far, watching youtube personal teaching you how to answer questions) and while my maid minds her business ( cleaning of course ) around the house . So my maid asked me for some money as instructed from my dear dad , so I just gave her the money and gave her a peculiar look( bare in mind, I do not fancy her much).  She took it , threw a quick thanks in my way and went buzzing off . Later that afternoon she went off to the store and told my sis about it. After many hours, she din't come back. So we just locked the doors and went out, It was almost 7:30 p.m. yet still no sign of her. So we just ate open fast, then my mum was curious and checked her valuable's , nothing was gone EXCEPT her passport. Then we all went scrambling through her room and all her clothes were GONE!!!! She bloody ran away!! That smart ass planned it all along , our theory is that she gradually displaced her stuff so we wouldn't realised anyhting . She planned everything with no suspicion except for the money. It din't really bother me cause I din't like her in the first place.The whole house went ballistic! My mum in particular knowing that no one is going take care of the house now and it's all on us. So after that event , I continue going for prayers that night. and when I got home they was a cat at my doorstep. Haha, that cat was so spoiled it kept purring around my leg and even jumped to my face to kiss me! seriously! You all know that I've been wanting a cat for the longest time. but the TIMING killed me. So we made a conclusion that the maid turned to a cat for running away, LOL! Now, this cat is so "manja" beyond any cats I've ever seen, it the kind where if you're face is in it's reach i'll kiss you!.
Owh hohoho, the events doesn't stop there, a day after at 6.00 a.m. I foolished-ly decided to watch a 3D movie on youtube with the glasses and all, then I went to sleep so the morning I woke up my eyes was hurting so much I couldn't walk properly and I had the most insane nausea I ever had in my life the WHOLE DAY!! I was constantly puking every half an hour (not kidding) I was laying on the couch with basin on my side filled with vomit. I was soo sick I couldn't get up. and the vomiting drained every ouch of  me to exhaustion! I wanted to cry cause it hurt so badly tasting the acid from my stomach at my mouth but I couldn't because I had to moisture in my body to cry. But I still fast for the day (pats self). When I could finally drank water I literally cried my eyes out. That was horrific!! Maybe Allah wanted to cleanse my soul or something, if it's so I'm squeaky clean. My stomach is still fragile now. So about it guys, that eventful enough for you. What do you guys think ? Congratulations if you reed this till the end I appreciate it.
Arrgh I'm tired . I hope I entertained you guys with my pathetic life . Bye now.

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