Saturday, 27 August 2011

The Transcendental Gentleman

 This may be long overdue but it was worth it, I needed time to make just the way I wanted it to be.
I made a couple sets of artworks that I just pill up in a corner. So this the main one, the biggest one-it's
just like the one I did last semester's break. But I decided to do it on cardboard material which I did
once a time ago which I looove, I think I'm stuck with this medium !So for this I was really inspired by William Morris prints and Aztec patterns that I do love so much(and a lot of tumblr pics of course.). and since I mostly draw girls, I wanna draw more guys now. Colours are my best friend that I assume you figured it out by now but I din't want to go overboard , so I made it slightly muted. 

" This is where all the fun are".
Gauche and Colour Pencil on Cardboard Paper.

Mixed Media on Art-block.

For these guys I really don't know what to name them , any ideas?
I'm trying to mix the perfect gentlemen(English of course) with tribal and little
of mayhem to give a mixed rugged look. I do have one more artwork that I'm
really am excited about but I say anything yet till I get her approval!.
Au Revoir!