Friday, 10 February 2012

My Muse

Hello there!
I've been having a lot's of inspiration lately, and everything is going slow. Nothing much to do compared
to last semester which was insane. Maybe I'm just not use to this freedom, I need something to keep
me busy and going. Or am I just being paranoid. That's me always thinking to much. Never mind that,
I've recently finished a new piece, I was really inspired by Lana Del Rey, that ridiculously talented and
gorgeous singer. I love that she's so simple and classic , effortless beauty. With the influenced of my new bought book of James Jean "Rebus", let's just talk for this a moment. I used my voucher's  and got myself
my first art book ever of JAMES fricking JEAN!!! OMG! so excited! If you know me, you'd know that I'm totally obsessed with his art, is the kind of art that I thrive for really. And the book is BEAUTIFUL! forever in love...

There's some malfunction with the pictures , I don't know why. So just bare with them.
Here's the new book I got of James Jean "Rebus"so AMAZING!( sorry for the caps)

Last Saturday I went to Kuala Lumpur with  Tiha, it was so much fun took
a lot of graffiti that was so awesome and inspiring really.

Okay dah habis dah, 
Hope you guys enjoyed it!


  1. I've just recently started following your blog and I enjoy your style of work. Your new piece is sweet, the color is vibrant and alive.
    And thanks for sharing James Jean, I hadnt heard of him before, he'll now be a great source of inspiration.


    1. Hello Jane thanks for following, I always try to mix the hard and the soft. And James Jean is really amazing. Maybe i'll introduce more artist in my blog! :)

  2. Nice post!!