Wednesday, 1 February 2012

DIY - Dip Dye T-shirt

I've been meaning to play with dye for the longest time and I finally got around to doing it!
Have you ever came across those gradient tees and shirt's  and always wanted one? Well, why not just
make it yourself. While I was at the crafts store hunting for my colored dye, my eyes went gaga on all
the colors they had- weirdly enough I choose black, haha. I just felt that it's simple and easy to work with,
but you can always just go ahead and try all the colors and make yourself one of those hippie 70's tees which are awesome!.

So what you need is:
1) A dye of your choice      - you can get it at your local craft store or even some stationary departments.
2) Bucket  - A deep and big enough to fit your clothe and so that it moves freely for an even coverage.
3) Your T-shirt of course!
4) Salt or hot water depends on your dye instructions.
5) Inspiration!

Okay lets go!

1) Dampen your tee entirely for the dye to be transferred  more easily.
2) Prepare your dye in the bucket ( follow manufacture's instructions accordingly).
3) Depends on what part you want to gradient, mine's the upper part. attach it to a hanger face down.
    So that it's even . Slowly sink it in the dye till right about below the sleeves of the tee. Cover the sleeves
    completely. And it works the same way if you want to do it at the bottom part, just  don't go over the
4) When your happy with it, lay it down on the floor nicely, and take the dye with a brush or the end of the  
     ruler, and splatter across the the black and white section. Don't forget to do the back!
5) When you're happy with it, just wash your tee thoroughly, and let it dry and off you go flaunting your

I had a lot of dye left so I dyed a few things!

There's really endless possibilities of dyes,
Just have fun playing around with it!
Hope you guys enjoyed it.


  1. nice!!

    how much the dye costs? Kalau basuh tanggal x?

    1. 1 tin is like RM 6 something,
      Kalau ikut betul2 , can last.
      Tapi kene basuh sebelum pakai,
      take out the extra dye. :)

  2. Very cool idea. I have definitely got to try this out on some of shirts. Thanks for the pointers!

  3. amazing!

  4. Aw!! love it!!!
    Great job!!
    thanks 4 sharing, fanned!

  5. can u buy the dye frm Malaysia?

    1. haha, I'm live in KL. you can get it at popular.

    2. ahh...i'm from JB..k,thanks.=)