Sunday, 18 March 2012

DIY-Sugar Skull Bag + GIVEAWAY!

Bonjour! Boy do I have a treat for you. haha. This DIY is quite simple really, So I just explained it in a short video. LOL I know, a video. I hope you don't find it too annoying , it's soo weird looking at your self
talk. I think it's a good way to see and except yourself. Anyways, I made a Sugar Skull Bag, from what canvas bags I had left. With just Fabric Pastel sticks, and sharpies and go crazy on your bag. You just have to lay a paper on top of your design and Iron on top of it to lock the colors and your done!



Ain't that awesome!

So here's my video!
and hai KHALIS!!!!! don't laugh.

So yeah, I hope it's okay. So for my giveaway!
The rules are-
- Follow my blog
-Follow me on Bloglovin
and leave a comment below saying " I want your prints" I'll pick the winner randomly, and
they could only be ONE winner. I'll annouce the winner here in my blog next week.
Anyone can enter, I'll ship it anywhere you live just give me the details.

And here are some pics from the week....

That's all then , don't forget to enter my giveaway.
Have a nice weekend!


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  2. 1 word,



    I want your prints ! preetty please ! :D

  3. Man, the person who wins this is sooo extremely lucky! I want your prints! :D

  4. I want your prints!
    thanks for the give away and yeah! I'm really want your prints! :D

  5. laughed like crazy, but yea. awesome video hahahaha :D