Saturday, 24 March 2012

Eclectic Treasures

Bonjour! How is everyone? So it's has been  a week huh, on Saturday which is yesterday, haha.
I went to a Craft Expo, it's been a ritual for us to go there as a family . It is one of those events that I anticipate every year. It's sooo AWESOME! So many interesting things, inspirations and design that I've never seen before. There was this traditional Malay performance that I recorded , which is quite gory . I'll explaine why, it's because they play with supernatural beings , submerged themselves in animal spirits which made them strong( I know it's hard to believe, but it's a common thing here.) So enjoy.

I got my denim vest again, pimp it up with sharpies and studs!


 The Artist Colony

 My new necklace, and below that is my temporary pet that I have to take care of for a week , it's so amazing looking . It's a Sugar Glidder named Shadow!

Okay I know you guys want to know how's winner right?
Okay then the winner for my prints is ( drum rolls!)


yes you ! Congratulations! I'll contact you soon!
For other's I may do more giveaways in the future
bye now


  1. I'm absolutely going crazy with the patterns in this post... they're so divinly intricate! How cute is your Sugar Glider! Thank you so much, I can't believe I've won!

    1. haha, you're very welcome. From the looks of it, you deserve it!

  2. Love your Denim vest xx

  3. hello Haris,

    Nice blog, so inspiring!;-)

    1. Owh hye there!
      No, you're clothes are inspiring! :)