Monday, 16 July 2012

Art fest!

Hello there! Salut! I have been particularly busy, with commissions and preparing new things for upcoming booth I'm having in two weeks in Jaya One. Totally excited , I completely forgot to update my blog. I made a lot of new paintings , all inspired by typography , I've been really digging hand-painted lettering cant stop thinking about it. and I ordered some stamps and did some "raya" postcards!. So this post is going to be a massive works that's been accumulated throughout however long I wasn't here. Their a mix of works and life, If you see a picture with a bunch of medals, well here's the scoop. One day a rat decided to stroll across my living room , yes a RAT!unfortunately for the rat he came into Haris Rashid's household. haha As soon as I saw it I scram "RAT"!!!! and I took a metal rod and start viciously attacking the rat , (cut through the details) and the rat is in the dumpster. Haha I wish, I din't kill it. It ran away through the back door. So then, my mother started to furiously clean the area below the stairs that we made into a mini storage room. So while I was cleaning , I found my pile of medal that I got throughout my school years. Here's a funny story about me, anyone that knows me from primary school know that I was a fierce track field runner. I was fast, no kidding so I got quite a handful of medals from it running for the school. It was till the point that I wanted to became an athlete. (how hilarious is that) let me remind you I had no artistic abilities then. So when I went to high school, unfortunately all the other kids when crazy growth spurts that they left me behind in the race with their long legs.I was so frustrated, my mum was the art teacher and they was art competition at school that desperately needed  participants , so my mum pushed me into it.. ... So I won the competition. Then I started getting trophies for that and the rest is history!

I hope that enough to fill your minds,
I'm still making more artworks!
Till next time!

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  1. hey:)! I found you through I am galla's blog! Your drawings are incredible.. my compliments!