Friday, 6 July 2012

New Leaf

Bonjour, Salut! Well well... Haris you have some explaining to do huh?. Yes, a LOT has changed since my last post. What happen was, I had a little identity crisis I suppose- I was thinking of my brand and where I want to go with it in the future. After loads of advice from friends and family , I decided that Venom Fame was a risky name (especially in Malaysia) risky in terms that in din't go to all kinds of people well enough. So I wanted a more neutral and international name to bring myself forward in this industry, and what better name that myself. It is quite a big risk really considering I build my name from scratch by Venom Fame, I may loose readers but I think it's a necessary step for me to take ,to appear more presentable. So I'm kind of starting over with a new name Haris Rashid. So I hope I don't loose my loyal supporters and be sure that with this re-branding comes fresh ideas and projects in the future. Speaking of witch , I've been  very hard working on upcoming projects for you guys to enjoy. So here are sneak peeks!

That's all for now,
please stay tuned.

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