Friday, 30 November 2012

DIY- Gold detail shoes

Hello there, it's been forever since I did my last DIY tutorial. I'm finally getting around to it again. I've done tons of diys myself but din't bother to document it, bad Haris. I was cleaning all my shoes on a Sunday then I say worn out black canvas shoes I had laying around that started to look boring to me. So I took my gold spray paint , taped it  and voila ! Awesomeness! It's really that simple, you just need a gold or silver spray paint and some duck tape. It's way more accessible than those expensive real metal gold tip shoes. It's a great alternative and you can apply it to anything and just go crazy ( well not too crazy ). Little suggestions of gold in an black and white outfit (red and purple looks good too) will give that touch of  exclusiveness. So enjoy and have fun with it!

Here are some more ideas on gold tip shoes you guys can try!

Have a great and creative weekend!


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