Saturday, 19 January 2013


Bonjour, I've decided to relax and just focus on my art and college for now. So, I'm pretty lifeless right now. I'm starting to get the hang with the new syllabus workload. And since were focusing a lot on personal portfolios this semester, I've launched an behance account  with a few new pieces there , so go show some love here! Since , I kind of have a lot of things I have to do, I tend to procrastinate a lot. LOL. Procrastinating  has been so natural to me. Maybe because I cant focus anymore as I used too, so adding to the procrastination I decided to do this little fun project. So you guy can have an insight on how pathetic my life really is when I'm bored. And it all revolves around my room, it is my man cave! I can spend forever in my room. So here are some procrastination I do , there's still more! but  Enjoy.

hehe, How do you guys procrastinate?
Have a productive weekend, unlike mine.



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