Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Film Fusion.

      Well, you know when you watch a very richly styled movie with amazing story lines and you just get so infused into it, that you just now how to play the character and you won't mind being one and living their lives because they're just so effing interesting? I spent half of the day doing that, while I was painting my mum's rose that she requested- I wanted to be inspired and just chill and smell the roses( LOL!). So I simultaneously watched movies and paint at the same time, ahh life is good.(I'm getting very productive) The first movie I saw was actually found by accident while deliriously searching another favorite. It's The Darjeeling Limited, I was shocked that I had that DVD in my stack, well a close friend of mine ( she's really cool and is an expert for everything indie and hobo, in a good way of course!)well she adores that movie and I always wanted to watch it and wondered how on earth have I haven't!
It is an AMAZING MOVIE, if you haven't watched it, you should.
I was just so inspired by it , the way it been styled and India is just Magical place.I want to go there.badly.
Makes me appreciate the Indian blood in me.
The colours are just amazing, and it really shows my style. So I think I'll be wearing more prints and colors!

He's style is just really effin awesome!

That's me! It's awhile ago.. Owh the shoes I've customized my own.
The other movies I watched was Miss Potter, Devils wear Prade(ofcourse) and Single Man. I love ALL of these movies for inspiration, maybe I'll post their individual style on other days.
Au revoir! x

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