Saturday, 23 July 2011

Frolic in My Head.

Hello there,
This week was really really complicated and soo hard too go through.
ALOT happened, I went through a lot. Let's just get on with it and go to the fun stuff.

This is the Final Project for my Composition Analysis class.
Done with Pencil on paper.
This was sent last week, so it's quite awhile now.Had fun shading it , with of course Oh Land! I loove, so it was a breeze...There's another one , a movie poster but it's still with the college and actually i have tons of artworks to show but ill take forever. So when I feel like ill show my archive- either than that ill just be from what I do now on.
Here are the things I bought last week, I fell in love with the shirt so I had to have it, and the suspenders I'm
excited to experiment with but I've  not found an occasion for it yet.

Both necklaces I did my self.
Today I went to go shopping again with lil' sis and bought bunch of stuff ( excited).

I'm on my semester break sooooo. Yeah me! I have loads planned! DIY stuff of course and ARTWORKS, yes a lot of drawing and painting - I bought a bunch of watercolor paper to work on , so look out they'll be a lot of artwork( I hope). I'm working on one right now, just can't seem to sit on it and concentrate , don't worry ill  make it . Till next time . toodles.


  1. the artwork is amazing, you're really talented!
    & thanks for your comment on my blog (:

  2. i love this shirt so muchhhh!!
    and the necklace are awesome!!:D