Friday, 11 November 2011

Pink Aidil Adha

Which is long overdue!.. sorry, but was too busy with assignments and basically couldn't move my heart to edit the photos. Well raya Haji that day was awesome, Umi masak banyak gile as exspected!. Lepas sembahyang raya then mintak ampun, I thought that we as a family didn't have a proper family portrait picture together, since mase raya aidil fitri hari tuh sibuk sangat dengan camera pon tak berfungsi! bagus. So I screamed to the household ask told everyone to bersiap because I nk buat D.I.Y set studio for a professional like photo shoot session. Semua pown excited lah! Pakai make-up semua siap berkasut lagi, then tangkap gambar depan rumah jer. What did the neighbor's say I wonder. Owh well, so we wore our raya clothes which is pink , umi's idea.

Ok, bye!

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