Monday, 28 November 2011

The Velveteen Rabbit

It's quite late now here , but I'm just simply too excited so I have to make this post.
I've been meaning to make this artwork  for quite some time now,and  I kept on thinking of making it but
never really got to it, because I'm a procrastination expert!. Remember I said that I wanted to draw
more guys, well here it is. What better to way  to draw, then  Adam Gallagher from I am GALLA!,
most of you would know him from his amazing looks in, I particular like his look "The Velveteen Rabbit" with his burgundy blazer(with I would die for). So here it is!
 I wanted something colorful but muted, but with strong hints of turquoise.

This was fun to manipulate , I really like it, gives a Alexander Mcqueen feel to it.

 So It's prisma color pencil, watercolor, graphite on color paper! with the help of photoshop of course.
I think I'll include this in my prints which is coming very soon!

Haris Rashid.


  1. This is beautiful, I absolutely love how you pulled the colors into hair and how you blended the tree into his jacket. Lovely use of watercolor and prismas. I definitely will keep on eye on your work!

  2. Thank you so much for the support guys!

  3. This is AMAZING. You are so very talented.

    <3 eccentric daydream

  4. u know what,
    this artwork seHANDSOME adam galla

  5. Simply blows my mind !
    Best drawning i've ever seen so far.

  6. Mate ! JUST WENT THROUGH ALMOST ALL YOUR BLOG.. Love this.. can ya give any tips to a artist hopeful!? How'd you create that perfect skin colour!?

    1. Hey there, thanks! Well, I'm still learning too, a lot of practice.
      And study more on picture and try to mimic it. Basically , skin color actually has a lot of color changes in it.