Friday, 11 November 2011

Of Turbans and Flowers..

Bonjour! I am very excited for this so just bare with me, I been waiting and waiting to share this to you guys for quite some time now(and I'm not good at waiting). So, for the last month or so I've been doing commissions and art just for fun , That I've shown some preview and sneak peaks here and there for them  who's notices it. So the first piece I did is of Yuna Zarai, it was just the most natural thing to do after Jezmine Blossom! So with the help of the most AWESOME cousin Angah!woot!. It was delivered right to her hands!. Seriously the painting was insane fun to do. Tried new techniques, and black background for the first time and loving it, seriously! I wanted to show the edgy and eclectic side of her that I see is growing, so searched her blogs for inspiration and pics, and the turban that she now wears is Gorgeous, she looks amazing! the colour combination that she does are very intelligent!.  Without further or due....

 And she posted this on her twitter!here! and her instagram.

For the second piece which was commissioned by a couple for their wedding day, I was touched!
They wanted them in full body, with the sweetest colours, for the wedding theme is fairy tale, awww!
so I made this...

Fuhh! okay then I hope you guys enjoyed my labour of love, I had SUPER fun! and have a nice 11/11/11,LOL!
Au Revoir!