Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Cameron Highlands..

Hello there, I've finally found time to blog about my recent getaways,
So last week for a couple of days with my mum brilliant planning we went to Cameron Highlands , if you
din't notice already ( for those who don't know , It's one of the coldest place here in microwave hot Malaysia).
I could finally find an excuse to wear all my jacket's and sweater that would seem redundant to wear everyday down here!. Happily packed my winter wears and dreadfully dragging my assignments along- so up we went!
My mum had a amazing deal , so we had an apartment with an amazing view, shared with my cousins and auntie. Funny thing is while on the way to the top , I would repeatedly open the window and slide my hands out to make sure that it was getting cold, my sister's was like " Is it cold now brother" .
So many stories to tell but it would  literary take too long to tell the tale. So I'll just sum it up, we didn't do what typical people do at Cameron Highlands, you know what it is... the cliche' stuff , so I'm giving you a personal insight on how I experience the place.
*Warning there's a LOT of pictures.



I found this most intriguing spider's web that seem so catch the light so beautiful!


The night market, surprisingly they have the most amazing coats and jacket, a leather jacket caught my eye.

This enormous most seem to be everywhere, my cousin seems to have quite a creative eye and snapped it.


Our food was always cooked by our amazing mothers!

 Here's something , I think that our family is a little obsessed with jungle tracking.We found ourselves a jungle. The most beautiful one I've seen, even though I was gasping of tiredness , It was too cold too sweat!


 Me in a attempt to blow the pretty purple flower which I taught was a dandelion.

 Worst decision ever putting my feet in the water, FREEEEEEZING cold, I swear to god I was getting

And that is all ,
I hope you guys enjoyed it.
Stay tuned for a cool dye DIY tutorial soon,


  1. perhaps another good reason to be coming back to CH is Gallery House of Magic Potions at Taman Royal Lily, Tanah Rata

    1. Thanks, will definitely go there next time!