Monday, 2 April 2012

Busy Bee

Hello guys, I shouldn't be posting but my love of blogging had made me into posting this. I have been Busy, woah! I'm a pretty collective calm person, but once in awhile I tend lock myself in my man cave like Gollum and digest my final projects , haha. That's my tiredness talking there don't mind him. Well, what did I do on the weekends, well......nothing! yes. I was busy doing my final projects as this semester is coming to an end
 ( again? so fast). It's so close I can taste the freedom, I can almost see the artworks, diy's and holidays on the other side. At least I got some new goodies to show, I went on a little shopping spree  last Friday, it's just at Brands outlet , I wanted so many things there but my wallet had a say in it, he won. Pffft , wallet! you're such a turn off!. Anyways, I bought a mint shirt and a bowler hat , love them to pieces- They'll be my semester break outfits. I'm really getting into this spring look with floral prints and bright colours!! and I really want to start wearing tank tops, there so nice! but I never wore tank tops before not even at home because I feel kinda expose!haha.

And my dad just got back from Burma, to my delight he baught me a new ring! I LOVE MY DAD!!
I can't identify what crystal it is but I know it's a good one! Owh and how was everyone's Earth Hour?
I hope you guys participated, if not you should just stop reading if you din't , just kidding.......
I was just at home , having candlelight dinner with family eating laksa, yum!

 the above is a picture i took out of randomness , lurking at the window.

Acrylic Class final project, So here is my final... I did  Lord Of The Rings of course, I  love that movie.

Me in tank top, what do you think?
Can I pull in off?
I'm be real busy for this week and the next.
just hold on guys , holidays are near, then it'll 
be blogging on full blast!


  1. u're so positive all the time :) cute! Tank top is nice also (=

    1. Awhh, thanks! I just don't believe in negativity.

  2. and how you paint, shouldn't really forget the art. Main reason i go on your blog! plus your lovely as well :)