Friday, 27 April 2012


Bonjour! Hello there, how was your weekend . Well I had one hectic week, producing, running around making sure my products are perfect for my booth this Sunday at Publika . Is it just me or the weather's these days are confusing and quite annoying, decide already weather!. So let's cut to the chase, I've just finished all my products that i'll be selling, they consist of original artworks, prints, t-shirts, bookmarks and badges. I was soo excited with it so I decided to do a photo shoot with sis. Boy was it fun! enjoy.
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The above is the map to the Fuyoh Art Bazaar,
Please do come! I'll be selling all of these and more
at the bazaar!
Till next time


  1. lawa lah haris. apasal i x pernah tgk u pakai those red pants to college ah ah ah.

  2. Great work Harris! ;) Especially love the bag! Hope top see some more tees designed by you in the future ;)

    1. Thanks Eros, I will definitely design more inthe future!