Monday, 16 April 2012


Hello there, I'm not dead , well I felt like it last week. but it's all gone now blew by the wind.
I am finally free, let's take a moment to celebrate shall we! YEEESSSSH!!! haha. Okay. I'm officially back to blog frequently till your tired of me!. This semester was honestly , eeh...  I don't know I'm just not feeling it but I get to paint digitally more now. Yet I'm still a traditionalist at heart. I just need a few days of pure nothingness just being a potato couch drift off like a log then I'm good to go on making insane amount of DIY, artworks and projects. Seriously be prepared! In the mean time enjoy pictures of my outings, owh! I finally got around to going publika, friends say it has awesome art scenes. and it is awesome. Why din't I know the place earlier , such a inspiring place where art (my kind ) are really appreciated !

And here are some assignments throughout this semester...

yeah, there all digital paintings... owh and I was thinking of making a silk screen print. I was really
inspired by Shepard Fairey designs so I did this.

and I wanted to share some inspiration I found of this artist that makes these insanely beautiful animal
sculptures with wood panels! AJ Fosik

Okay then, I hope you aren't too dizzy by the gif''s
Let me know if you want me to do a DIY you want.
I'm gonna waste the rest of my day now!

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