Saturday, 29 December 2012

Simple Lettering DIY

Well hello there, new years are closing. Are you guys excited? Me not really. I usually do resolutions for new years, as for a couple of years I haven't. Well I think people do it just to make themselves fell better, mistakes are always going to happen if you like it or not. I say embrace it, just live the moment. You might fall a couple of times but  good will overcome it. So I'm saying "HELLO" to the new year! I'm all buckled up for the adventure. So I made this DIY hehe, I needed something on my black wall. I did this simple lettering with ice-cream sticks that I wanted to share with you guys. You can make any words you like, you get the picture.

What you need.....

Then arrange your ice-cream sticks to the wording of your choice and cut the excess.

then stick the pieces together with hot glue gun and place all the letters of the cardboard strip.
Paint the cardboard to match your wall color(mine's black) . Then you tie it with thread and you're done.
See simple!

and here's something extra. I did this painting of a Hogwarts crest for a friend (her birthday). I even made an Hogwarts acceptance letter to the school of Wizardy , LOL. And decorated the wrapping paper myself.

I think it's awesome so I wanted to share it with you guys.

for those who are in Malaysia,
i'll be opening my last booth of the year,
tomorrow ,so do come. I'll be selling my paintings!
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