Saturday, 22 December 2012


Bonjour! How is everyone, I guess everyone's fine since Doomsday din't happen. Let us continue with our lives shall we. But I won't lie that it startled me a little. I've just recently finished a big piece, it took longer that I expected. I procrastinated  a lot. I think it's one of my biggest pieces, just wanted to make something abstract. I thought of the concept that If you read a book, that'll it take you places. Imagining yourselves in the story realms. I wanted to capture those moments, the painting is made with gauche , acrylic and color pencils on wood panel. It's nice to draw on wood once in awhile , but I'm still paper type of guy. I hope you guys enjoy a little insight as to how I work. I drink a lot of hot chocolate while I paint, and  I just watched this movie called Moonrise Kingdom( explains the inspiration for the title) and it was balling amazing. I just love awkward weird but beautifully designed movies. I highly recommend it to weirdost just like me out there. or is it just me?

I have some diy projects up my sleeve so watch out!



  1. darling, it's moonrise kingdom, not moonshine :*
    moonshine is liquor for koboi zaman dulu :p