Tuesday, 18 December 2012


Hello there! I went on a trip last 2 days , explaining my absence here. A much needed break from all the hastiness of college. Me and my colleges stayed at Khalis's place by the sea at penang. (fyi Khalis told me that someone recognized her from my blog, LOL) . So the main reason going there was actually to go  for a talk held by my college by this talented korean artist Kim Jung Gi. Personally I was to lazy to go , I really wanted to explore Penang and those famous street art by Ernest Zacharevic. So I did just that.We basically ate a LOT , saw many artistic stores and  one antique store that blew my mind. Wanted to buy an antique , but who I was kiding (I'm poor). Didn't really buy anything just hanged around with my friends , it was awesome. Khalis's mum house / studio was amazing she had all the art materials I ever wanted , so I couldn't resist myself so I made a random watercolor piece there. Enjoy!

That's all for now, peace!
I have a painting coming up 
so stay tuned!



  1. Hi! I've been your silent reader for a while now(I'm a bit shy, haha). I was the one who recognised Khalis cos we met each other at an event. :D It was nice meeting her.

    I never really got the chance to check out the street arts while I was back in Penang. You sure did took some good photos there. :D

    1. Hei there Nadrah! so you were the one!
      Khalis told me all about it.

      You should really go look for the art wall, there awesome!

  2. haris u know the day after u left, there was a naked man sunbathing dekat the rocks. we all saw his junk, and he kept staring at us the whole time. haha. fun times.