Saturday, 6 August 2011


   This is long overdue because I was just simply very lazy, but I'm been keeping myself busy of course.It's fun having your time only controlled by you. Generously spending my time with glorious art and crafts making and cooking-simply splendid! Morning's spend of course too sleeping then browsing through tumblr for inspiration - then sitting down on my worn out chair and staring at my much loved wall filled with all things beautiful( I should take a picture of it!).Continued with my watercolour brushes and paper and my hand just goes like it was posses by artist avant-garde  demon. Piles of artworks are building up.Then the nights, after going for prayers, working on my new necklace piece which is made of colour pencils!! excited!. Those will be for other posts. bye.

Surprising the best comfort food if ever eaten.
Who would have taught that the curry would be soo good!
I am soo a mamak.dayum! 

My Dad.

        For Malaysian's , do you realize something? Menjual PINGGANG! OMG , like really who open 

a store and put up a signage that has wrong spelling? Unless your really selling waist for those who don't like theirs!.

Been reading all of my old book's again, submerged by fantasy that I know and love is comforting.

 Till next time, x.

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    HAHAHAH I AM TOO!!! rereading it the 5th time now, baru habis the book today, going to Eldest tomorrow!!!