Monday, 15 August 2011

I'm trying to forget the world.

 Well, really it's very common with , if you know me long enough  then you'll that I go emo and distant at times( probably a lot)and the surround myself with pointless choirs-slowly building a wall and my whole imaginary world around me. It's when I try not connect with my friends and college or anything anything that requires me to greet people. I want of those people that rather stay at than going through a  over crowded mall or even when I see a friend from a distant and try and willing to walk the long way just not to bum into them.I'm weird that way.So some portray me as stuck up and "kerek" but  I don't  care. Owh well , life's goes on I really don't what to post here , since I neglected facebook , lookbook and other social networking I might just updat something here.Here are some pictures I took from tumblr, my dearest friend.


i only see the world thru my ray-bans, that’s why my view can be compared to a space man’s

chocolate keyboard.

Okay I'm done , I'm gonna go dance around in my make believe land and have some supper with elves .

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