Tuesday, 16 August 2011

flopsy,mopsy,cotton-tail and peter.

   My head ache's like crazy, maybe excessive sleeping is not good, but whatever.Both of my sis are at home today, and I taught that maybe well do something fun.. I should have known better, instead were still at home slouching on the couches and some on floors like dead corpses  and I'm here trying to salvage my day..I'm not the cam whore type but in rare occasion's like this -what the heck!.  

My latest addition to my necklaces, it still in construction just trying
to figure how to make it stick at the place I want, so until then a full tutorial on it
will be later.I made some rings and pins/brooches too.

There's 2 things in my room that's keeps me occupied, it's my book
and this artwork which I purposely take my time with as if I were to solve a puzzle, cause
they're my last resort to boredom, unfortunately I finished reading  the book yesterday and I
don't  have the sequel in hand so this artwork is my last thing to do before I die.

              My side table , you can see there's a new artwork. 
LOL! that's the only cam whore that approve posting here.The main reason is

cause my hair is getting long yet again. The question is should I get a haircut?
Au revoir!
Haris Rashid.


  1. i see janggut. haha. i loike the pencil ncklace jiding! very noiiiice.