Saturday, 15 October 2011


Hello creepy crawlers!
Halloween just crept around the corner and for last night it bit  me, the venom slowly
decayed  my skin exposing raw bone that also started to crack. If you don't know already, it's my Halloween look for last night's insane party at college. Well it was a hectic Friday  , ton's of errands to run-luckily made it alive through Halloween despite my deadly face. The party was awesome of course with ghost and ghouls closely packed like sardine cans ( my "makeup" melted in the heat) and head banging , jumping due to intoxicating heavy metal bands which I don't really understand till today, owh well.You'll probably want to see the footage that hear me babble.


There you go How do I look? I know I should have gotten better picture but these the only one's I got my hand to. I promise the next time I dress up, ill have better footage!
Here's the tutorial I referred   to for the skull makeup.
I hope you'll have even better ideas and costumes for Halloween
Trick or Treat , Ladies and Gentlemen!X

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