Saturday, 1 October 2011

Je suis désolé!

  Yes, I am sorry. I know it's been forever! I was just simply crazy busy, with commission's, assignments and
miscellaneous. I have tons to tell you guys of new muses and exciting shows. Lately if been looking art in a new way, I'm now more interested about the deeper meaning in art. The feeling that it gives. Not just nice illustrations with  excellent technicality. I actually like starring at a piece of work and comment on it like those art critics that says amazing things only at a empty box. How do they come up with these concepts? The idea behind it really thrills me. I really love instillation work which I hope to do one day, and I found a name for myself- a Mixed media artist!( Mixed media, in visual art, refers to an artwork in the making of which more than one medium has been employed.)

So here are  updates on what I have been doing!

New colour pencils that I ordered from Prismacolor
which is insanely AWESOME!

I might just change my medium to color pencils!
This is the commission I did for a couple for their wedding day,
ill show the full one when the wedding day arrives.

Below here is a birthday present I did for my sister,it's a phone
cover which was just a plain plastic then I pimped it up with skin and stickers
and good those of dazzle!

I hope this post covers up the duration that I've been gone .
Au revoir! 
Haris Rashid.

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