Monday, 31 October 2011

Oriental spectrum

Well, let me tell you something, my weekend has been the most hectic and amazing one.
To safe you the hassle , i'll organised it. First order of business would be my mum getting back
from Beijing.(She's been there a week!phew). I had to drive all the way to LCCT. in the middle of
the night to take. and it was far..... a little family adventure, like we always do. Got lost, got stuck and
got headaches!.but it's worth it!. So when got back home the only thing that went through my mind
was what did she get for me, I'm sure my sister's were thinking the same!. While she unpacks her bag , she
tells stories of her adventures to china , climbing great walls, passing through forbidden kingdom and adoring
china's extraordinary majestic ornaments.(which gave me crazy ideas on  what she bought!,LOL)
she pulled out the most amazing long sleeve shirt and gave it to me! gasp* OMG, finally.
Isn't it amazing! it's 50% silk, it's so soft and nice to wear.
Only for important events, haha! My mum said it's was
the hardest to bargain and the hardest to find, well that's what you
get when you have a eccentric son.  
And....... she got me this traditional Tibet
embroidery bag. which is perfect . I love her forever!
and a Communism cap. 

Second order of business is creative work update which is also very exciting.
Ideas come flowing after indulging myself in fantasy and sci-fi knowledge.
So here's a sneak peek!

just din't get the chance to share it. I really love it, it's made out
of wood, carpet and nuts and seeds. don't worry I
furnished it so the ants wont come!

Okay I exhausted and I need to eat and go to college.
Au revoir!

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