Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Prints for Sale!

Okay, I now that It's been like forever since I post anything, I'm really sorry. I was just really
busy with my finals and final projects which is more that I can chew! Seriously
this college is going to kill me one day, I feel like I'm suffocating  in the water, but as I
send one project and final at a time I feel the burden lighten, semester break is just next week
, it's so close I can taste it. I have so many plans for my break, I'm to make a big artwork
so I can send to exhibitions, sell my prints and if possible print artworks on t-shirts!
So the prints, I've made copies already last week (so excited!) but was too busy to inform
you guys. Oh well I'm here now so my prints are officially for sale!

So I've printed 4 artworks as seen above there all printed in 2 sizes which is A4 and A3.
The A4 is RM 5 and the A3 is RM 10 . The print
If you want a piece, just drop me an email, list down your name , address, print code, size and amount( you know how it goes...) right now I'm using a Maybank account. (if you have otherwise, we can discuss).
For those who's not Malaysian , I'm sorry but I don't know how to sell it internationally, YET!
So here are the prints!

Second order of business would be life updates.
My super sampler lomo camera film , I finally sent it to be processed, the pictures
taken was months ago. such a procrastinator. So there raw pictures , unedited! 

That's my dad talking about something, haha.
Below are college works, this one is a artwork for final project which I'm yet to finish
but I'm so excited for it , I just hope I can finish it , since it's A0 size!

Here's my final project for Typography Fundamental, where we are to design a whole book
based on southern east Asia folklore stories. I choose a story from Indonesia Nyi Roro Kidul.
To find out more about her just google, hehe!.

That's all from now, enjoy.
Till next time, I hope not to long.
Au Revoir, xx.
Haris Rashid.


  1. ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod! GAMBAR KITA IN KL!!! upload on fb lah daling!!! and ur book is so prettttyyy!!!!!

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  3. Thank you guys! I can't wait to use
    the second film on my vacation!