Saturday, 22 September 2012

H&M Lot 10 opening

Bonjour! You guys know how I was all excited when H&M decided to reach Malaysia. Every time I walk past the renovating store that'll soon be a phenomenon I squeal like a fan girl. This store is going to change how Malaysian's dress hopefully inspiring them to be more fashion forward. The grand opening was at 11:00 a.m. technically but for obvious reasons , me and Jaa had to get there super early since they offered shopping vouchers for the 365 early birds! Got there at 7:30 a.m. , still there were already die hard fans that were getting comfortable in front the line. We waited for 4 hours, haha, crazy right! Never have I done anything remotely close to this. But it was fun waiting also , tweeting and intragraming all the way despite having the carpet soaked wet by the heavy rain from the night before. As it was close to the opening, they're were medias and stylish people going about . They even made us jump and clap and dance, haha , whole lot of fun!. So I got the RM 50 voucher ( Alhamdulillah ) , I was already mapping out my strategy and the things that I wanted to grab. The H&M store has 3 floors packed with fashion outburst! Menswear is at the top floor, they have the most amazing blazers & suits ( one in rich maroon colour that kept me gasping) , so I grabbed a blazer for myself . They also had these hot leather jacket that I couldn't resist! For you gals out there, they are a whole cyclopedia of interesting buy's. The printed flora's are a must have , how could you resist having Lana Del Ray starring at you. What are you waiting for , get yourselves to H&M !

         Leather jacket (H&M) , Jeans ( Uniqlo) , Necklace and glasses (DIY)

That's all for now,
stay tuned on a DIY tutorial on ombre glasses.
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  1. ok super jelous! bcoz i was dying to go but hmmm got something else to do..yup it look really fun n xtahan siap beli payung kot! hhehehe