Tuesday, 11 September 2012

Now or Never

Bonjour! Well this was pretty much all about getting use with  my new routine that mainly rotates around school , working around assignments. Trying to get the hang of it , while I still do my fun artsy stuff. Since my mum fixed the sewing machine my eyes started to glistened with joy of possibilities of making clothe's. I've always wanted to sew so badly, not much of a fashion designer. Just enough to know the basics, after religiously watching project runway that made clothes look easy. I was ready to do the practical part. Carried that heavy load of a machine on my working table and started to meddle with it. After a sleepless night , I managed to alter all of my clothes that needed fixing which included the denim vest, a lot of pants and a few zipper malfunctions. Then I decided to sew a batik fabric, use it as a pocket on a t-shirt. It turned out okay.haha.Putting aside all these sewing business, I found a new muse to admire on. Claire Boucher Grimes is a phenomenal human being. I looove her songs, putting me in a goth trans! Which is a new style that I kinda like. but could never pull of, just admiring it's coolness from a far.

Here is the awesome girl, go check her out if you haven't already.
and  I bought inks for school .We're learning airbrush this semester , the compressor is deadly expensive. Not going to buy it, visiting friends who has it is worth the saving.
I have a new life motto , "now or never" it's basically means that what ever that I want to do it life should be done now, don't wait for it. Just do it for life is short and abstract.If you don't try you'll never know.

it's now or never.




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  1. Wow! You made a such beautiful painting! Paint me please….