Sunday, 2 September 2012

New Artwork - Forgotten Glory

Bonjour! Here we are for yet another post. The reason that I haven't been here is because I've been in the middle of painting a new artwork , I took my sweet time. Never thought it was going to take THAT long, but it was worth it . I'm going to start my college tomorrow , I have mixed feeling for that. Thank god I got to finish painting just before schools starts. When I start painting, I don't like doing other things- all my energy has to go to my artwork ( that's just me ) and I can't do other things till it's finish. ( it's a weird OCD I have) . So I was really getting inspired by the Egyptian civilization, and the art of course. It's just so mesmerizing, the colors, The gold with greens and orange.  And I was also influenced by Islamic Turkish designs that was heavily detailed on tiles. So I had to make a painting , so I merged them both. Enjoy!


          Forgotten Glory

Now I rest in peace, haha. 
I hope you guys like it, cause I had fun making it.
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  1. omg dude ur so talented! i love how u showed all the phases, its magnificent!!

    love it, and ur blog is cool!
    following u, would u follow me back bro?