Saturday, 5 May 2012

Axis Dahlia

Bonjour! Well, it's been quite a relaxing week for me . Just hanging around the house, minding my own business re- watching movies I loved . Painting as usual. but this time I'm trying to experiment on new subjects to focus on rather than my typical portrait ish works , I want to go more surreal but is still connected to people. More abstract I guess , so I've been really inspired by organic forms clashing with geometric lines. I always try to find some universal way of expressing my art, where they are no preferences for it to be masculine or feminine. There's always a kind of androgyny from what I do. Haha, this all may seem too much for you guys, must be thinking what the Hell is Haris talking about. Just bare with me. A fan asked me once, the big question that almost every artist gets is What inspires you? It got me thinking basically. So I shortlisted it to 3 words to describe want I'm passionate in. Romantic, Eclectic and Vivid. Today I'm just going to show you my new artwork called Axis Dahlia I . and some inspiration photos I got from tumblr and clothes I want! haha. Enjoy!.
Just One thing , you guys know how I'm allover  with Givenchy. Riccardo Tisci is insanely genius I want to own everything he designs! Arrrgh, why god why!! haha

izandrew riccardo tisci givenchy 2012 spring summer style men bb



Mixed media on paper, it's the biggest I've done.
I think I'm gonna go bigger for the next one.
I hope I've inspired you.

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  1. absolutely in love with all your artworks! Keep up the amazing talent x