Friday, 25 May 2012

Road Trip + New Artwork

Assalamualaikum, hello everyone! I know, I know... I had technical difficulties , I had no computer to use as it was in for repairs. Nothing much has happened since the last post except for a wonderful trip that I went with my high school friends to Lumut. It was a hyper blast! A much needed getaway for me , so many funny memories. I made a new art work  for yet another booth that i'll be opening at Publika ( Fuyoh Art Bazaar) this coming Sunday. I can't spend to much time here because I have some assignments that I need to finish for tomorrow . So enjoy the pictures!


Fuyoh Art Bazaar

Okay then , I'll be there .
Bye now,


  1. Hi, I saw your works in fuyoh (i'm the girl with the last namecard lol)
    and I have to say this again: Your artworks are so awesome! Was wondering if you're thinking of making digital reprint on a t shirt? If you're up for it let me know okay and probably we can discuss this further :)

    1. Hey there, I saw your blog .. I must say your awesome too!
      Well, I've trying out a few printing places but I haven't found a quality that I'm satisfied with. but I really to put on a t-shirt.

  2. Ohhh i like your tiguer and i like your work! nice tiguer!

    follow u! u hug boy!